Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ireland 4

Well, I promised photos of my trip to Ireland and here they are:

This is one of the High Crosses in Clonmacnoise, one of the old monasteries in Ireland. A beautiful site with churches, crosses and round towers. I did my own tour, because if I have it done by one of the staff, I have to translate and that takes twice the amount of time!

According to some people this is the most beautiful view in the whole of Ireland. Of course you can only say that if you have seen every single view in the country, but it is definitely gorgeous. The photo was taken from Coomakista Pass on the Ring of Kerry overlooking the Kenmare River. The weather was not the best (we actually had quite a bit of rain during this trip), but it's still a really nice view...

You can't miss the fuchsias in Ireland. If you do, you are probably driving around with your eyes closed, because they are just everywhere. The most dominant colour is pink/red, but I have seen them in white/pink and they look even more delicate! The sight of hedgerow upon hedgerow of flowering fuchsias is amazing and brings so much colour to the countryside!

This is Galway Cathedral. After a day in Connemara I would usually end it by going to Clifden, the unofficial capital of that region. This time I decided to go to Galway City however and that was a good choice: we parked right next to this lovely cathedral. The clouds over the cathedral decided to drop their load only minutes after I took this photo. I had to run for cover, but still managed to get quite wet...


  1. Thank you the pictures are beautiful and how lucky you are to be there.

  2. Thanks for taking us alone for your trip. I visited Ireland 30 years ago but have deep memory of it. The photo of the Cathedral is amazing.


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