Thursday, 2 July 2009

Ireland 2

When you look at this photo, do you think a. a nice little stream in the country side or b. a nice little canal near the center of Dublin? If you chose a, you will be forgiven. If you chose b, you are completely right. This is one of the views when you walk alongside the Grand Canal in Dublin, not too far from the center either! Within ten minutes you are standing in St Stephens Green or even Grafton Street. I didn't do that however, since the canal was so lovely. Even with the persisting rain!

Yes, it rained nearly all day. In the morning it was still quite dry, but during the afternoon more and more rain came in. Until I picked up the second group from the center and then the sun came out! Talk about timing...

In the morning we had had a lovely tour of the town and I made a grand total of 4 (four) photos. During the afternoon everyone was free to do as they pleased. I parked my coach near the Grand Canal, got myself a nice burger and a huge M&M cookie and took that walk.

I told you about the colours of Ireland didn't I? One of the reasons I like the country so much. Well, in this photo you can certainly see the colours. Click on it to enlarge and you can see a red, yellow, blue and black door. According to popular belief, the reason the doors are all different colours is so the men can find their home again after a night of hard drinking! Probably not true, but it does make a nice story though.

Tomorrow we're off into the country: Clonmacnoise and Adare before heading towards our hotel outside Tralee. Hopefully you'll hear from me then and otherwise you will have to wait.


  1. You forgot the green door next to the blue door ;p

  2. I have never been to Ireland and I must remedy that! It's such a 'soft' country, it seems, and so green and lush. Love the doors! I've seen them painted that way here, but I like the story about the drunk men finding their way home!


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