Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tall dark stranger

Do you know something? And if you do, could you please tell me? It doesn't matter about what. It could be about the mating rituals of the garden pansy. Or about what to do if you ever get lost in space (I mean there's plenty of shows on with 'what to do when you're lost in the jungle/the desert/the arctic/the ocean, so why not space?). However, you could also just tell me what you had for dinner today.

Yes, I'm lazy. Asking you to fill my blog, when I don't really know what to write about myself. I could tell you about my meeting with the colleague who will do the Ireland trip. I could tell you about my fishy lunch with my dad (smoked mackerel sandwich, yummy), or about the weather (pfrt), but I don't really think it's that interesting.

I hope you like the poster at the top though. 'Bottled by pretty girls'. I love that line! I wouldn't mind reading things like that on my cereal box: 'Packaged by tall dark strangers'. How cool would that be? Can you imagine? It doesn't matter I know it isn't packaged by tall dark strangers, but more likely by silly giggly girls (I worked a conveyor belt in a biscuit factory, I know!) and grumpy beer-bellied balding blokes, it would still be really good to read about tall dark strangers!

Ah well, I've filled another post with nonsense. Please don't take offence!


  1. Went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Was ok, but I did miss a couple of things that were in the book :(

  2. You post a lot. You do fine without help. :)


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