Thursday, 23 July 2009


From top to bottom: Sophie, Mathilda, Wuppie and in the corner (barely visible) Linette

Yesterday it was time for the yearly visit to the vet. Always a massive operation in this household, since I've got four cats, three baskets and my only two ways of transport are my bike and my feet. Now, usually I would take my bike, put the trailer behind it and cycle off to the vet's. However, when they changed my wheel a while ago, they put the coupling on wrong, so I can't use the trailer anymore. Very annoying. Fortunately I have a very nice father who does own a car and he was willing to come and help me out!

So, yesterday as my father was pulling up weeds in the front yard, I made my way to the vet with several unhappy monsters. And they made it very known they were unhappy! After arriving at the vet's, I had to wait for half an hour. When it was finally my turn the vet told me she had expected four kittens! Well, if you want to call a 6 kg (13 lb) ginger monster a kitten...

Checking out Sophie's heart rate

First up was Sophie. She is always most scared, so I try to get her over and done with asap. She had lost some weight since the operation a few months ago, but she was doing fine. After her shots she moved back in to her basket as quick as she could.

The colouring paper used to determine the exact damage to her eye

Next up was Mathilda. She had some problems with her left eye, so after the vet stuck a piece of paper in her eye, making it look as if the Hulk personally was treating her, the vet found it was only a small infection and with some ointment she should get better reasonably quick. Then Linette was up. Her weight was good, teeth as well and she is generally a very lovely cat, so no problem there.

Wuppie was last in line. Both he and Mathilda love to just roam around the room, sniffing and looking. This time however, he wasn't so much into that. He was a bit grumpy, because he kept hissing as well. He didn't even want to come out of the basket. However once out, he didn't cause any problems. Probably because he is the most laid-back of all my monsters. Nothing fazes him.

After receiving the ointment for Mathilda, the anti-worm medication for all four and paying up, I was able to go home again.

I can't wait for next year...


  1. Cute you won't have to do that again for another year so maybe you can get your bike fixed to be able to use the cart!

  2. to bad you couldnt drive the bus to the vets!

  3. I only have one cat, and going to the vet is a major undertaking. I can't imagine what a job it was for you.

    An Arkies Musings

  4. hello Mara! thanks for the comment, you have a very interesting post, love those pretty cats of yours so adorable and healthy.

  5. I can't even imagine how you get them into their carriers. I have one who is overdue with her shots because she's figured out something is amiss so we can't catch her.

  6. I think your employer should let you use a bus.

  7. My cats don't like the vet either, although they're always very good. They yowl in the car all the way there and are as quiet as mice on the way home. lol

  8. I hate when people 'fix' things and cause worse problems! You should take that bike back in. ;)

    I'm glad all your kitties were OK! I can only imagine the noise in the car on the way out, and the sulks on the way home. LOL!


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