Thursday, 16 July 2009


I went to Scotland last year. I had only ever been once before and that was only for 3 days, so going there for just under a week was brilliant. Even if I did have to work! However, the trip wasn't as good as it could have been. One lady in particular made the whole trip into a horror that would have rivalled any horror film of today. Read all about it here!

Today I phoned the office. It's that quiet at work, I thought I would ask for some vacation. As long as I was back in time to do my trip to Ireland! At which point my boss told me I wasn't allowed to do that trip! WHAT?!?!?! My boss didn't know why, but he had been told I wasn't allowed and a colleague of mine was going to do it in my place. That colleague is not the sort of person to wrangle himself in my spot, besides, the trip is mine: I turned it into what it is now!

So, I phoned the planner's office. And was told that I wasn't allowed to do the trip because of that horrid woman of last year. Ah well, in that case: my colleague was welcome to the trip! Because I would want to kick her off the coach within a day! He is welcome to all my information regarding times and places and phone numbers of people and restaurants, so he can do the trip to the best of his abilities, but I am glad it won't be me.

Just a shame I can't go though, even if I don't feel like going with her on board. I know my way around and I am much more knowledgable about Ireland then I ever was on the trip to Scotland. And I will miss out on another opportunity to make gorgeous photographs! Ah well... no use crying over spilt milk...


  1. Even though it means missing a trip, it seems to be a very good thing.

  2. The trip wouldn't have been worth the stress! I agree


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