Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Number 2

My car in better days
Today was a day to hit the shops. And one shop in particular: the car parts shop. As I listed the parts I needed I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the first. Realising that this was good news and that the whole repair of the car wouldn't be too bad. Until he came to the second one. He could only get half the part and certainly not the part that I really needed. But the part that he was able to get would cost so much, I started wondering about the cost of the whole. 

The car cost me 29,000 kroners. The parts (without the work) would come to at least 16,000 kroners. Add to that the work and I soon realised getting the car fixed would be silly. The thing is however, I need a car to get to work. I could of course take the bus, but since I don't start after 7am and the first bus doesn't come in until 7am, that is out of the question. So, after a few other stops, we made our way by bus to the bank in the town center. 

The question of course was: could I get a car loan? Originally I had wanted to get myself another car next year, when my current car would turn 19, but now... Questions were asked, answers were given and in the end the lady said that if I were able to cough up 10% of the 'new' car, they would be willing to offer me a loan of up to 100,000 kroners. 

Tomorrow I will be going to the place that sold me my first Norwegian car. And hopefully I will be able to find another one that I can afford. I have seen two on the internet that I quite like and are within my price range. I asked a friend to help me and he was willing to do so. I will keep you posted!!


  1. Phew! A big under-taking, buying a new car. Do hope you can get what you like and that it is reliable without being too expensive.


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