Thursday, 27 February 2014


It wasn't only bad news on Tuesday. Because Pepperfly didn't just come with her clothes and stuff, she also brought stuff. Stuff that I wanted and stuff that I didn't know I wanted. Some of it were from her, other things came to me via my mother.

There were mice (finally), both the pink and the blue versions. There was white port, face cleaner, bath sponges, white chocolate. At the last possible moment Pepperfly had even found a Dutch flag! My Mum had sent a snowman set, containing a felt hat, a scarf, a carrot, pipe and buttons. Just a shame there is no snow in sight! But, it will keep. And of course there was my little Wuppie memorial book as well. 

The most important thing however (apart from Pepperfly herself of course), was the clothes she brought for me. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember I spent last year's Constitution Day in jeans and sweat shirt, while everybody around me was in beautiful outfits or Sunday clothes. I stood out like a very sore thumb and vowed I would do it differently this year. 

A friend of my mother was asked to sew the outfit and I would provide her with the fabric. My mother would make the apron, the shawl, a cap and a necklace, all with or completely lace, which she made herself! Well, the outfit is beautiful. The colour is even better than I remember and it looks quite fantastic on me if I say so myself. My friend took photos so I could send them to my parents to show off. 

You will have to wait though. Until May 17th, Constitution Day. Because the outfit isn't complete just yet. My mother is still in the process of making the cap, the lace necklace and the bag. Plus I still need shoes as well. I will leave you with this little (quite unclear) close-up. 


  1. Nothing like your favorite goodies from home and your dress looks very pretty. Can't wait to see it on you! Mice?????

  2. Nothing like care packages from you home. Of course you are going to be the most beautifully dressed on Constitution day. The fabric is so regal!


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