Thursday, 18 July 2013

It must have been Alfred!

No, this is not Alfred. I think this might be Mabel.
Remember Pete, the Irish gull? The one that sat on the edge of the boundary between road and deep sea? Well, he has a cousin. A Norwegian gull that must be called Alfred. And he was scaring me half to death today!

I had finished work and was walking towards my car, when a gull squawked or whatever it is they do and flew overhead. It came back. It squawked again, flew a bit lower. And again. And again! And yet again. Fortunately I reached my car then and Alfred landed on a pole, while still watching my every move! 

Perhaps I was too close to its nest, perhaps it was drunk, perhaps it was just a bully. Whatever it was, it did scare me a bit. Especially since he came closer with every nosedive! If I had put my hand up I might have actually touched him. 

What next? Crows??


  1. "THE BIRDS" are coming......
    I would guess you were too close to their nest. I've been helping a little bird in our yard this week and it's parents have been very kind.

  2. That seems like odd behaviour from a gull.

  3. It's not seldom that seagulls attack people, especially when they have something eatable in their hands. My friend was holding a hamburger, a seagull arrived and woops the hamburger was gone and she was scared to death ! lol !

  4. Mara, seagulls do sometimes attack humans if you are near their nest. If it happens again, I would carry a book or magazine to hold over your head. Perhaps you could park elsewhere for a little while. My father-in law was pecked on the head hard enough to draw blood. Stay safe!


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