Wednesday, 10 July 2013

H2O again

I bought the 5 liter bottles of water. I used a bowl to catch all the water so I could 'flush' the loo. I filled up the first empty bottle at work. I was getting geared up to washing my hair somehow. 

And then out of habit I turned on the tap. And lo and behold: water came out. A bit hesitant at first and when tasting it, it needed to be run a bit longer, but water did come out!

I don't know what happened. Did the landlady pay the water bill? Did someone fill up a well somewhere? Did the waterpump all of sudden decide it did not want to be broken? Or did the water fairy interfere? Whatever the reason I have water again. Running water. Both varieties (ie the hot and the cold). And the bottles will be stored in the basement. Just in case...


Any weighty (and not so weighty) comments are welcome!