Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I like to cook. Honestly, I do. I don't do it very often, but when I do: culinary high lights! Well, perhaps not that exactly, but I haven't poisoned anybody yet!

With my parents here last week I had to cook. Every day, apart from the day we spent in Bergen, where we ate out. On my birthday (Sunday) I made my own birthday dinner: potato wedges, sausages and cooked cauliflower including a 'papje' (a cornflour and milk sauce). Monday saw me make pizza à la Mara. On Tuesday we ate out. Wednesday was a day for chicken wings and potato wedges. Thursday was salmon, boiled potatoes and salad and Friday I made pancakes. 

As for desserts? Well, yoghurt most days, but also rhubarb crumble and apple crumble. Plus I made apple pie for my birthday. 

I hope I can continue cooking for myself. But I fear it will become very boring eating my michelin starred food on my own and I will return to easy food. Microwave dinners and the like. Perhaps I just have to invite people over!

PS: I of course didn't take any photos of the food I made, so two photos of what we encountered in Skudenes last Friday instead.


  1. I am impressed by the amount of cooking that you did while you had company.

  2. Those meals sound yummy! Love the fire hydrant.


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