Monday, 29 April 2013


How does this work again?
I had had a party on Saturday, but I left early because on Sunday I had to leave early to drive to Stavanger. First it was an hour to the ferry, then a 20 minute ferry ride and then about 45 minutes to the airport. Pepperfly and Peppermaggot were coming!

I had to wait for ages (about 20 minutes) and I was getting quite impatient. And besides getting impatient I was getting emotional. So, when they finally came through the doors she and I hugged and cried and hugged some more. Peppermaggot was of course not amused and pretended not to know us. (by the way, he was not amused about Peppermaggot either, but until he comes up with another name, Peppermaggot it will be)

I just about managed to eat the hot dog!
After the hugs and kisses and paying the parking, we left the airport and made our way back to the ferry. It was absolutely pissing down (excuse my French) and the ferry ride was even worse than the one I took earlier. It was a good thing the ride only lasted 20 minutes, because I would have been very green and sick otherwise!

The drive continued and after showing them where I could have moved ("no, not a good place", she said), I drove them to the hotel. Peppermaggot was basically out for the count, but Pepperfly and I met up a few hours later (more on that on Wednesday). Later that evening the three of us went out for pizza, where I horrified Peppermaggot by saying a beer cost around 10 euros in a bar! 

The pizza at the bottom was Pepperfly's
They will be staying until Friday, when they will take a bus back to Stavanger. I just hope we will have some better weather, because just having rain all day is no fun at all!


  1. DID tell me to bring a rain suit...(Which I will bring the very next rime I will visit you, I can tell you!)

    But then again..I had two lovely days already, rain and all. Already looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Glad your company arrived. Sorry about the rain. The pizza looks delicious!!!

  3. Isn't it nice when friends come to visit. If it makes you feel any better a pint in IRE is 10EU also.

  4. I can't understand why he (I assume) doesn't like that name. :)


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