Saturday, 20 April 2013

The list

Oh yes, he's on the list too!
I have a list of things to do in the upcoming month. It's massive! It includes Pepperfly and Peppermaggot visiting me, moving house, a sloop race, a visit to the Netherlands and by the time it is May it will probably include many more things!

The move is getting closer now. Only two more weeks before I head over. Two more weeks before I move everything I own that is in Norway from four (yes, four!) different places into one. And that doesn't even include the washing machine which will be delivered. It's a good thing I am no owl, because my head would be spinning all the time.

Concerning washing machines: I've got one. A bit more expensive than I originally wanted, but I won't have to pay for television for the first four months. Besides, I had rather pay a bit extra and have a good machine. As I said already: it will be delivered! In the same shop I could also get my satellite dish. But if I want to have the BBC, they can't help me. They can get me the equipment and all, but I would have to get a subscription from the UK myself. At some cost as well. So, now I only got the channels they have here in Norway. Plus some film channels. First four months will be free (as I said) and there will be someone out to install the lot. 

A bit further in that shop I could also get internet, but since they needed the whole address (streetname, postcode and village weren't enough, they needed plot number and something else as well), that will have to wait a bit. I will try and get that as soon as possible though, since it will take about two weeks to hook up apparently. And I don't want to be internetless. 

A good day. Expensive maybe, but so far I have been able to pay for everything myself. And feeling proud about it too!!


  1. Yes! You should be proud of yourself! Well done! And that BBC-thingy, you will sort it out, surely! Otherwise you can always consider a move to the UK, you know... ;-) (Ouch, don't hit me.)

  2. Wuppie looks like a stranded beast in that photograph. I liked the one with the little green car better. ;-)

  3. Voor de bbc/itv heb je niets nodig. Alleen een schotel en een ontvanger. Laat iemand in Nederland lid worden van canal digital. Kaartje erin. Klaar.

  4. It all getting so exciting! Glad you got some of your items sorted out today.

  5. Everything seems to take its way ! I am certainly not jealous about your moving, that's always a mess although I only moved 3 times !
    The TV and internet procedures are crazy ! We have cable TV everywhere since the 60th ! Belgium was the first totally cabled TV country. You built a house and it comes together with the electricity and telephone cables under the ground. you just have to ask for connection.

  6. It sounds like an ordeal -- that you are coping with rather well.


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