Saturday, 23 January 2010


The other day a colleague of mine told us a joke. Some got it, others didn't or thought it wasn't funny. I thought it was hilarious and nearly spat out the water I was drinking at the time. I then asked you, my faithful readers and followers and people who happened to pass by:

What do you call a Martian playing the piano?

And the answer is: (drumroll, suspense is mounting, will you hurry up already!!!): a pianist!

However, the answers you came up with were brilliant as well, especially Alien Brody! That one gave me another fit of giggles, causing my monsters to look up from their sleeps. Thank you Jay!


  1. So it had nothing to do with being a Martian? Trick question...

  2. @Just Breathe: people automatically start thinking the strangest things, it's in our natures. Canadian on a bike? A cyclist. Chinese in a rocket? Astronaut. Martian playing the piano? Pianist...


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