Monday, 20 July 2009


It was one of my yearly sortings today. Sorting through the amount of clothes I have and throwing out everything that doesn't fit anymore. And I am sad to say there was quite a bit that didn't fit anymore.

I'm not one of those women who go shopping every single week. First of all I haven't got the money for it, secondly, I prefer buying books to clothes. Clothes are great, don't get me wrong, but trying to find stuff that both fits and looks halfway decent is always a problem. Besides, I don't need to buy clothes for the job, since I'm wearing a uniform while working. So, I tend to go for the jeans, t-shirts and sweaters.

However there are some clothes I don't throw out. I've got a dress (size very small) that I wore once while in France. I haven't fitted in it again since, but it holds great memories. Then there's another dress (size a bit bigger) that I altered myself to make it look as slutty (sorry) as I could for a fancy-dress party. And then there's a jogging suit (or track suit) I wore in France while working for Club Med. Most of the t-shirts are long gone, but the coat and suit are still in my possession. And I won't get rid of them either.

My wardrobe is a bit emptier now, but don't worry, I will not have to walk around without any clothes on my back: there's plenty left!


  1. I could also toss a some old, tight clothes.

  2. love the sluty dress story
    you are to funny
    as for me i am trying to get to 130 pounds, i have 17 pds to loose, maybe i can fit in some new clothes i would love to buy

  3. I might even have a photo of me in the slutty dress... I'll have a little look and post it if I have!


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