Thursday, 26 March 2009

Walking the dog

Today I saw a car driving very slowly. The window was rolled down and a leash was coming out of that window. And on the other end was a dog. Walking alongside this car.
Funny way of walking him...


  1. Unless the owner is handicapped in some way and had no other way to exercise the dog, it's crazy. Crazy, I tell you.

  2. I can't decide if this or the spider video cracks me up more!

  3. It's a terrible way to walk the dog. It's dangerous, it annoys other road users ... and I always think 'why have a dog?'

    One of the things I love about having dogs is walking them. Training a dog to behave well off-lead, and then walking with them by your side through fields and footpaths is just so great for bonding with them, and well, it's just so great. Nothing like it.

    Driving along with one hand out of the window, you have no feel for how tired the dog is getting, if he's limping, if he's sore, or if he's about to get distracted and fall under your wheels. Sheesh.

  4. The dog was being walked on a service road next to the main road. The main road isn't used much and the service road only by windturbine maintenance personel. My colleague had seen him as well a few days earlier!


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