Tuesday, 17 March 2009


This afternoon I went to work on my bike (as usual). I parked it in the garage/canteen/whatever and as I was locking it up, a former colleague said hello. He occasionally comes to work to clean his car and have a little chat with whoever is present. This afternoon I didn't have a lot of time though. I wanted to make a photograph (see tomorrow) and was already running late as it was. So, we said hello and how are you, I told him to give my regards to his wife and I left.
After I got back from work this afternoon, I saw the police cordoning off the garage. One of my colleagues came up to me and told me that he had found the former colleague. He wasn't alive anymore! The police wanted to know the whole story (all two minutes of it) and they took me in a police car to the station. An hour later (the computer wasn't cooperating) I was taken back to work, so I could cycle home again.
It is weird knowing you were the last person to see someone alive, even if it was only for about two minutes! But I also feel sorry for my colleague who found him. It's a major shock for all of us!


  1. I imagine that this must have been a real shock and be on your mind Mara. Take care !

  2. Oh, that is a shock. Poor fellow.

  3. How bizarre! we have these relationships at different levels and even the ones with "lesser" value nevertheless have meaning, so their loss matters.


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