Monday, 2 March 2009


A few weeks ago as I was cleaning out the litterboxes, I saw blood in one of them. Since I have four monsters, finding out who was the culprit turned out te be fairly hard. But I was in luck. Just the other day, as I was cleaning them, Sophie hopped in and peed. There was blood in her urine! So, I made an appointment to see the vet, put Sophie in her travel cage on the back of my bike and cycled to the clinic.

He asked me lots of questions about how often she used the litterbox, how much she ate, how much she drank etc. But of course, all those questions are quite hard to answer, due to my irregular job and the fact there are three more monsters running around. When the vet starting feeling Sophie's abdomen, he felt something large, but couldn't be sure whether it belonged to the bladder or the colon. And since it had already been going on for at least two weeks, he decided the best way forward would be to do an ultrasound. I left her at the clinic and at five o'clock I would know more.
At about 4.45pm the vet rang: cancer to the bladder wall. Normally it's about half a centimeter thick, in her case it was more three centimeters! The only thing that would help was an operation to remove the tumor and the part of her bladder that was affected. Fortunately the chest x-ray came back clean, because if it wouldn't have, they wouldn't operate.

Friday, March 13th, Sophie will be going for surgery to remove the cancer from her belly!


  1. Oh dear -- all the best to you and Sophie

  2. I popped over after I read your comment on Jay's blog (about the greyhounds). I'm so sorry about your Sophie. I hope she'll be alright. What an awful time. All the best and keep us posted please.


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