Friday, 25 January 2019


I knew there was not much to do today. Yes, some boxes needed to be filled and one box needed to be opened again (vacuum bag not working). Yes, I needed to take my bed apart. And the sofa, otherwise it won't fit down the stairs. Other than that though: a fairly easy day.

Before I got going with my bed, I checked one of the drawers of my nice dresser. I knew it was empty, but still, I had found several things lurking in my night stand, so I was not as confident. But even I was surprised by what I actually did find: lots of pj's! Honestly? Had I not checked that dresser a gazillion times already and how had I missed them?

Anyway, I took them out, put them in a box, which is nowhere near full, and got going with the bed. The mattresses in the plastic covering I had kept from the last move and the rest just apart taking of thing sort of. I got going with the sofa, taking the cover off first and then tried to take it apart. I managed eventually. 

I don't know what made me go into my bedroom. I don't know why I looked up, but when I did, what did I see but a photo. On the wall. Meaning it wasn't in a box where it was supposed to be! I mean, really?? It went in the pj box which by now was half way full with things I am still finding. Not full though. Not full. 

I think my sister and I will have to come up here tomorrow as well (after a trial fitting and selling my car), just so she can check whether I have forgotten anything. Knowing me...


  1. It seem when packing for what every reason something end up missing or forgetting.
    Coffee is on

  2. Hari OM
    I swear there is a house imp who lingers in all homes deterimined to disrupt our packing pattern. I would go so far as to say, that imp UNPACKS and reloads our drawers and shelves.

    It's the only explanation... YAM xx

  3. Good idea to check and check again!

  4. I pulled out the stuff in my cupboard did week and did a really. Many sweaters, which weren't a complete surprise, but many pairs of track pants. Good grief.

  5. Packing is like that Everything in the last few boxes are all just a jumble of stuff.


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