Friday, 16 December 2016

Day 16: Not trimming just yet!

The not yet turned into a cushion thingy works a treat under the tree
The plan had been to wait with setting up the tree until next week. Cats, trees and baubles don't really mix after all. Besides, in order to get the tree in, I would need to do a bit of relocating of furniture.

I love swans in my tree. Unfortunately so does Miss Oswin, so better hang them high
On the left one of my own knitted hearts
Which meant that this morning after the first part of my shift, I moved a bookcase to where the cat toilet was, the cat toilet to where the (unused) scratch pole was and the scratch pole to hopelessly in the way. 

Several made their way into the tree this year. I couldn't say no to Brom
Then I found the tree, put it up and proceeded to put the lights in. That was all I was going to do! Honest!! I was going to sort the ornaments and hang them next week. And then all of a sudden they were in the tree.

A little memento from the Netherlands
Well, it does look good and after all, it is only a week until Christmas. 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh it looks LOVELY Mara! I just got back from Edinburgh (2.5 hour run today, not bad) and set out my bright cloth and arranged the cards and stuff. Not quite as pretty as this, but a nod to the Christmas feeling... YAM xx

    1. pee ess - Brom's Over-Shoulder arrived safe! &*> xx

    2. Well, the tree was still standing when I got back from the second part of my shift. She is quite a good girl Miss Oswin!

      Glad to hear the calendar arrived safely.

  2. OH the Swan is so Graceful... and we Love the Delft Blue of the Wooden Shoes AKA SABOTS

  3. I'm glad it's up and you can enjoy it for awhile.

  4. I love the swan too...OMCs mom has a pair of Dutch shoes ornaments too. Years ago a Dutch student gave it to her for Christmas. Lots of memories of a very nice young man
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. It looks very nice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Crikey Mara .... that looks great. Now don't go tripping over the cat pole, aye??

  7. Very nice ! Now the cat should sit in the tree, lol than the decoration would be perfect, lol !

  8. It looks beautiful. I love the Dutch shoes.


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