Wednesday 28 December 2016

All you ever wanted to know (or not)

This is a list I saw about a year ago and I loved it. Although there were a few other questions in it as well I thought. But whatever they were, I have forgotten them and this is the list I found again now. 

💉Tattoos: only the one. Of a tulip. On my shoulder.
🚼Children: none. I have a goddaughter though. All grown up.
😷Surgeries: just the one. Hysterectomy. Probably saved my life.

🔫Shot a gun: yes. An airgun. During a contest. I won.
✌Quit a job: a few times. No regrets.
✈Flown on a plane: a few times. Love it.

🚙💨100+miles in a car: oh yes. Easy. Love driving.
😨Gone zip lining: yes. This too. Great and scary at the same time.
😢Cried over someone: yes. Over Wuppie. The worst ever!

😍Fell in love: twice. Willem and Stéphane.
🏃 Skipped school: never. I was a good girl!
👀👶Watched someone give birth: no. Not even an animal.

💀Watched someone die: yes. Sophie and Mathilda. In my arms.
🍁Been to Canada: yes. Two weeks. No job, no life there.
🚑Ridden in an ambulance: no. Never. Huh

🐫Been to Europe: yes. I live here. So...
🏦Been to United States: twice. Airport of Chicago and of Houston.
🎤Sang karaoke: yes. Not good. Fun though.

🐶Had a pet: yes. Am on cat number 6 now.
🏂Been sledding on a big hill: yes. France. BRILLIANT!
🎿Been downhill skiing: yes. France. Scary-ish.

🚲💨Rode a motorcycle: yes. Well, I was on the back. Wooden bum.
🐴Rode a horse: ehm. I sat on one. Big one as well.
🏥Stayed in a hospital: yes. After the operation.

💉Donated blood: yes. Stopped. Afraid of needles.
🚗Driven a stick shift: yes. Even on the bus. It's Europe.
🚓Rode in the back of a police car: yes. After accident in France. No cuffs though.


  1. Interesting list ! I think I will copy the questions for tomorrow ! You are afraid of needles ?? That's funny but there are a lot of people who are ! I have never sat on a horse ! That's something I have to do !

  2. Hari OM
    Well that was a good list - enjoyed the illustrations too!!! YAM xx

  3. What an interesting list. Now we know a little more about you.


  4. Interesting. It's good to get to know you!

    1. I've answered plenty of lists. You might have to scroll back for them though...

  5. We see these lists go through in Facebook. Always lets us get to know people better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. That's where I got it from as well. Facebook that is.

  6. sound like you live a full life.
    Coffee is on

  7. What a great list and how appropriate for a Dutch born gal to have a tulip tattoo!
    Your suggestion to sit in sissy's lap was funny. I don't even sit in my mom's lap.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Fun post. I like noth the tatt and the hoodoo. Too bad for us than Canada didn't work out, but it seems that you've done well where you are.

  9. Fun list! And I do not choose to watch a birth, thank you....

    1. There was a program on Dutch tv years ago which showed women giving birth. From all the right angles as well. I did watch that several times. But I have never seen an actual live birth...


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