Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It's a holi-holiday!

In Prague in the middle of winter a few years ago.
Great joy in my home right now: we are getting ready for our holiday (Brom and I, Miss Oswin will look after the place). I will have to pack a lot, since I will be gone for three whole weeks and make sure I don't forget anything. A whole load of cables and loading thingies will need to come. As well as a couple (well, 3) cameras, the big holiday book, my Kindle, some USB-sticks and several other bits and bobs. 

Of course I will need clothes and shoes as well. For three weeks. Now, I had thought that since it was autumn, the weather would be quite autumnal. But, just so I know how much sweaters and rain coats I actually needed to take, I checked out the weather forecast for the area we will be visiting. 

Our first stop (my parents) should see us in summer mode. Lovely. And then I checked our other destinations and the only thing it showed was sunshine and high temperatures. Which means I can probably forget about the rain gear and bring sunscreen instead! Another problem I have is that I haven't got a great deal in summer clothes. I live after all in Norway! But that was a problem that could easily be solved: go shopping. 

Well, I got two of the cheapest pairs of shorts I could find, because, well, a. I don't normally need shorts and b. I had gone down a size. Yes, you read it right, I have gone down a size and since I plan on continuing with this triathlon training thingy, it could mean that I will loose some more weight over the next months. In which case I don't want to get stuck with a whole lot of clothes that are too big for me! 

Anyway, one more night and then I will be off. I will be flying first class or business class or whatever it is called, which means an extra allowance of luggage, which might well get used. 


  1. Three weeks, that is so awesome! Enjoy each moment. Can't wait to hear about where you are going.

  2. Enjoy! have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Enjoy! If where you're headed is anywhere like here, the weather will be more seasonable by next week. Not necessarily cool but usually, we no longer get the worst of the heat.

  4. Hari OM
    wooo hoooooooo happy travelling!!! YAM xx


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