Saturday, 10 September 2016

Brom goes by the book


Today was our second day on the road and it was lovely. But the first thing today that was lovely was right after breakfast, when Mara showed me where we had been staying for the night! A castle!! A real castle! 

Jagdschloss Letzlingen
We didn't stay in the main part, but in a sort of porter's house, but it was brilliant. We didn't stay long though, because we were going to visit the Meissen china factory in (wait for it) Meissen! 

NOT chocolate, but some sort of china

Today was Gera's day for driving and we made good time to the factory. Much better than yesterday I can tell you! The factory was absolutely humungohuge and there were so many beautiful things there as well. 

A full height figure of Saxonia
The 60 centimeter version cost 28,000 euros!
First they showed us how everything was made. Not in the actual factory, but in a small visitor area. It was interesting though. Something that looked green came out blue in the end. And how they made the figurines was amazing as well. You had to have such eye for detail. One sneeze and you could start again!

After the little tour, Mara and Gera went to see what had been made through the years. And there were so many beautiful objects it was hard to take it all in. Was it the big urn, or the little harlequin? What about the little pig or the huge eagle? She even put me in a few photos when the guards weren't looking!

Mara's favourite (and very expensive) vase
When they had looked at everything, they decided that they wanted to own something beautiful as well. Both wishing for big fat wallets stuffed with hundred euro bills, they had to make due with a small vase each. And those weren't cheap either. I just hope they will have enough left to go home in the end!

For the reopening of the American Embassy in Berlin a few years back
From Meissen our way went to Prague. Mara opened the gps, typed in... typed in... did not type in Czech Republic, because the gps wasn't set for it! But, Mara had been clever before the trip and had printed out the route to the hotel. Just in case. Well, we guided Gera almost to the hotel, before Mara made the tiniest little mistake and we took a wrong turning. It took us about 15 minutes, but then we finally found the right turning and there was the hotel!

He was a pussycat really
All our other destinations will have to be by the book as well, because neither Poland or Hungary are on the gps either. But for now, three nights here in Prague and lots more photos and stories to come I hope.



  1. Wow, how fun! You are seeing lots of beautiful things and staying at a very cool place! We do NOT have ANY castles in our country. We always thought that was kinda sad.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Tonight it is just a boring old hotel. But at least it has a lift and we don't have to carry our luggage upstairs like we did in the castle (second floor, big suitcases).

  2. Hari OM
    Oh Brom what a fairytale schloss... and to see the Meissen - that is very very very famous, especially in the antiques world; did you get told about the cross marking and such? Mr Ele looks so sad though... I think it is great to go back to the book of road pictures; makes a holiday feel truly adventuresome!!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. We did get told about the cross markings and such. And sometimes there were even hidden markings!

      We had bought a big European road map as well, since they forgot to bring that along, but everything is soooo tiny, it's hard to read anything! But, the print-outs should do it. Old school, but an adventure in itself with languages we don't understand!

  3. OMD..Looks like you are having a blast Brom!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. The china was beautiful! Brom looked at home there.

    Enjoy Prague! It such a pretty city!

    1. It was stunningly beautiful. We both loved it so much and knew our Mum would have loved it as well. We both came away with something that cost probably a bit more than we had had in mind, but we're only there once.

  5. Oh, Brom. You made the sculptures look beautiful!

  6. What a cool place to stay! I would love to visit that factory. Everything is so beautiful. I would like the dessert too!


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