Friday, 23 September 2016

Brom meets firemen


We were on our way again today. First to Salzburg, because Gera loves 'the Sound of Music' and most of it was filmed there or close to there. Then on to Augsburg in Germany where we will meet and spend a day with a friend of Gera's tomorrow.

I think I just saw that numberplate Mara!
While driving we had our breakfast (just wondering if Papa wants a clean car back) and before we knew it we were on the motorway towards Salzburg. Nice roads, not too busy, good views, nothing more a teddy wants!

Our German numberplate bingo.
If you look closely, there is even a code for Gera (the town, not the sister)
Mara had found out where we were supposed to park and as we entered it, something went wrong. Very wrong. The front wheel hit the curb and then the front wheel had a hole in it. A big hole, since I could almost put my paw through it! 

It's flat
We parked the car out of the way and Mara and Gera set about unearthing the spare wheel and the jack and so on. Then they had to find out how it all worked, since neither of them had ever changed a tire in their lives! Gera found out how to use the jack and then Mara was able to loosen one wheel nut. There were however three more and those proved impossible.

How. Does. This. Work??
But, rescue was close at hand, because right in that minute about 10 firemen from the Salzburg Fire Department walked past. Mara looked at them in a very sad way and not a minute later two of them were busy changing the tire! Before long they could thank them for their work and then reload the car.

One, two, three and they fixed it!
Now, don't worry, Mara, Gera and me were not hurt in any way, shape or form. And after parking we made our way to Salzburg city center. We had come for the Sound of Music after all and that is what we were going to get.

The lake where Maria and the children toppled their boat fell in the water
The tour was wonderful. Salzburg is not a big city, but it is filled with pretty buildings and a lovely bridge and castles and big houses and Mozart and a lot more. We saw the lake where Maria and the children toppled their row boat. 

Taking a sneaky photo of us!
We saw the bridge they crossed while singing about 'their favourite things', we saw the road where Maria got off the bus and we were told the real story about the family. 

Castle Hohensalzburg.
Perhaps next time??
But after a little over an hour the tour had come to an end and Mara and Gera (on the urging of their Papa) needed to find a place for a new tire. So, back they went to the car and off we went to find the place the busdriver had told us about. 

We had to take out our luggage again
They had one tire left of the sort we needed, they gave us an ice-cream, they checked the air in all the other tires and only half an hour later we were on our way again. Our visit to Salzburg was cut short, but Mara says we will definitely go back there someday, it was too beautiful not to!

Fixing the new tire
We are now in our hotel in Germany. A little bit earlier than expected, but that's okay. Rather safe and early than the other way around Mara says and I think she can be quite clever at times. Unfortunately there was no time for yums today, what with everything that happened, but I think we have a spare one from last week!

A yum from Prague Castle


  1. Hari OM
    OMBears Brom, so very glad the hole in the tyre didn't cause anything more than inconvenience.. and how lovely to meet those hunky firies!!! Maybe Mara can make you a fireman's outfit in recognition of the event? You found all the right help at the worst of times and that makes the holiday worth remembering for other reasons than music and Mozart! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. They were all very nice looking. They didn't want to pose with me, but they did laugh when they saw me!

      We would rather have remembered a bit more about the Sound of Music and Salzburg, but sometimes things happen in a different way and Mara says (another clever thing) to just go with it and not letting it spoil your holiday.

  2. YAY for the firemen cuz they did come to the rescue! When we had a flat tire and called the man to change it, mom had to Google a video showing where the jack was stored in the truck. No one would have guessed! Glad you carried on. Our mom loves the area you are in!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Mara says we could have done it ourselves, but there were some wheel nut protectors and she couldn't get those off. The firemen had a little pair of plyers they used.

      We love the area as well and we saw the Alps today! Very big and majestic and we are only at the Northern end!

  3. Oh what a wonderful vacation you are having. Mom would be lost if she had a flat tire alone....thank goodness for the very devoted and helpful firemen of Salzburg.
    Hugs madi and mom

  4. That happens to me once to a flat wheel ! But as I was standing there and looked at my misfortune, two cars stopped, two men jumped out and replaced my tire, lol ! You were lucky that the firemen rescued you. Salzuburg is very pretty, but it is such a long time ago i have been there that I don't remember very much !

  5. What a delightful area. My younger sis was a big Sound of Music fan, too. Really nice of the firemen to help. Glad Mara found the last tire in time!

  6. Another yummy to eat! Sorry about the tire but glad you were able to get help. What you saw looks beautiful.


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