Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Brom apologizes


Over the past two and a half weeks I have been on holiday with two quite dopey girls. Although I must admit, they did behave quite good this time and didn't do too many strange things. Even if some people think it strange that they take me on holiday and let me write about it! 

The door to the prison in the castle where we had dinner with Andreas.
Yes, we had dinner in a castle!!
There have been several things happening during our road trip that I haven't told you about. Like the case of the missing car key. Which happened on the same day as the hole in the tire. 

One exhausted doggie on top of the mountain
Mara and Gera both had their own car key on loan from Papa (Mara) and Mama (Gera). And when they left Vienna they used Gera's key. On arrival in Augsburg Mara wondered where her key was. She looked in her suitcase: no. In her handbag: no. In her souvenir bag: no. In the games bag: no. In her back pack: no. When she phoned the hotel in Vienna, they told her to ring back the next day! 

ET Gera phone home!
The next day she thought she would first look through her suitcase again. She unpacked the whole thing and right at the bottom... was the car key! I think that was quite dopey.

The Dancing House in Prague
During our day in the Alps we spent the day with Andreas, a very nice gentleman. And even though he didn't like to go up in the cable car (even less than Gera), he took us up that mountain anyway, so we could have that beautiful view. He said he would have preferred to walk up and down those 900 meters! 

That's Andreas, right at the top!
Now, that sounded very strange to us, but he had told us he was a runner. And not just any run either. A marathon was just for training fun. He ran mountain runs. He had done a 86 kilometer (which is over 50 miles) run in Switzerland, crossing six mountain tops. It took him 20 hours! He said he was the second to last to finish, but half of them didn't finish at all, so I thought he was a winner anyway!

Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle
On our way from Augsburg to our last hotel we had to cross some beautiful countryside. And all of a sudden we saw a sign for Wild Gera! And then not long after, we saw a sign for Tame Gera!! Of course we didn't have a camera at the ready and we didn't want to drive back, so we haven't got the proof. But we did look it up on Wikipedia and they said that the Wild Gera and Tame Gera are both contributary rivers to the River Gera. But that river has nothing to do with the town of Gera!

Dinner in Kraków
And then on Sunday night (after the Wild and Tame Gera) we arrived in a lovely hotel. Mara had been there many times before and she was recognised by the owner. Unfortunately Mara wasn't feeling very well and only had a tiny bit to eat. After that we went to our room so I could dictate what she should write about that day. Mara told me though: short and concise and if it can be even shorter, it would be even better!

Taking a selfie of the three o...
After she had written the very short version (in which I didn't even get to mention the name of the church: Vierzehnheiligen or Fourteen Holy Helpers Church in Bad Staffelstein), she put in some photos (a sheep with a bird instead of me!), closed the lap top and went to the bathroom to throw up! Fortunately she felt better after that.

Taking a selfie of the three of u...
When we had returned home, they wanted to open the front door, but both dopes had left the house keys in their suitcases! Gera was the first one to find it (Mara didn't even try) and then tried to open the door! Nope! Papa and Mama had CHANGED THE LOCK!!! 

Taking a selfie of the three of us in the German/Austrian Alps
Fortunately the garden door was okay, so once Mara got in, most of the luggage came in through the kitchen window (including me!) and then the big suitcases came in through the garden door. There was however a great yum waiting for me! So it wasn't all bad!

Papa's home made apple pie.


  1. Hari OM
    GOL... oh my Brom, I am glad that the girls did provide you with some entertainment at their antics after all... but am sorry that Mara got unwell. Glad you are all back to the grandpeeps safe and sound and that there were yums waiting for you - gotta keep the holiday tradition going! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. I was sorry to be so sick too! But fortunately we were able to do everything regardless.

  2. You've had some AMAZING adventures and funs AND seen some stunning sights, pawsome
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Naughty girls ! First the war with your keys, car and door and then breaking into a house !! Your parents should install an alarm ! Apparently despite all the little misfortunes you had a very nice time !

  4. Glad you found the key! Oh my that dancing house in Prague is very unusual. Those are some very interesting tales. I do love the selfie shots.

  5. Brom, if you had not been there to help them, the girls might never have made it home. So sorry Mara did not feel well : (

    1. I know! And did they thank me at all?? Of course not...


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