Sunday, 18 September 2016

Brom goes to the opera


Today we took the train (I had my own seat!) to Budapest. Mara and Gera (happy birthday again) had thought of going on Monday, but the weather looked to be a bit better today, so we went today. 

The train to Budapest, we took the 09.37 one
When we arrived in Budapest we had to find out how to get to the center of town. We saw an information thing and went to the desk. But then we had to get a ticket first. So we did and then we went and waited. For one second because our number came up! At the same desk we had been!! Silly. Anyway, he told us how to get to the center and off we went to get some tickets.

The Synagoge
Once we got to the center it was quite strange and busy and dirty. But Mara and Gera wanted to do a tour of the city so we would know where to go and such. We got the tickets, waited a short while and then took the bus. We saw the synagoge and the river Danube and a castle and then we drove up and up and up and up to something called a Citadel. 

View over the (not blue) Danube
From there we had a lovely view over Budapest and the river. I didn't even mind so much that it wasn't blue! We walked around there for a while, took lots of photos, bought some souvenirs and got back on the bus. 

A boot bike
Once the whole tour was complete, we needed something to eat. Mara had read about a restaurant that served real Hungarian food. Like goulash soup and stuff. She looked where it was and then we walked to find that road. And when we got to that road: it was blocked! Not for us, but for cars and buses and such. There were food stalls and market stalls and stalls about green energy and green cars and green buses and green water and green a lot more! I like that!

I would have loved a go!
The food at the restaurant was good they said, it was just too much. And on we went. We saw a merry-go-round and a slide, we saw an old bus that Mara loved and an electric car that was very fast. There were a lot of children who enjoyed themselves a great deal and so did we. It wasn't touristy at all, but great fun.

Il Campanello
Now of course you are wondering about this opera I saw? Well, before we arrived at the restaurant we heard singing, right next to the opera house. They had an open air performance of an opera called 'Il Campanello' or 'the Night Bell'. Mara had to look it up once we got back to the hotel, because we didn't know this afternoon. 

But even though we didn't know, it was still good fun to watch. I think we sat there for about three quarters of an hour because it was that much fun! Mara took a little video as well you can look at. 

I'm RICH!!!
Once we got back to the hotel, Mara counted the money she had left. This morning she had taken out some money, but because there are so many zeroes on the notes, she didn't know how much she got until later. Turned out, she had taken out waaaay too much! I didn't mind though, I could feel like McScrooge Duck!



  1. We loved Budapest. We visited there when we went to Vienna. I hope you sleep well tonight, Brom.

    1. We only saw a small part, but we did enjoy ourselves a great deal at that fair or festival.

  2. They say that taking those tours is a good way to decided what you might want to see in more detail.

  3. Hari OM
    .....oohhh how did I miss this post ... there have been some tinkerings up there in the clouds I notice, so maybe it didn't get on my reader. Anyhoo, once again you had a fabulous time and Oh My Bears... did you and Mara eat ALL that candy floss??? Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Well, Mara ate most of it. In fact, almost all of it! In fact candy floss is her most favourite yum and she threw away a perfectly good ice-cream to get it!

  4. What fun to find the fair! We went to the Citadel, too. Hope you were able to see the lights along the Danube at night. Thanks for sharing your big adventure with us out here in blogger land. You may be a tired bear by the time you get back home!

    1. Because we were staying about 70 km from Budapest, we didn't get to see Budapest by night. We might have to go back there some day!

  5. Cotton Candy....yum! That was an interesting day and seeing the opera was extra special.


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