Sunday, 11 September 2016

Brom tells the time


Today I saw a lot! I waved at a little girl on the metro and she waved back. There was a really nice waiter who got an extra napkin to wipe my face and gave me some money back! And there was a nice lady at the boats who said hello to me. But we also saw a lot of other things. 

Waiting for the metro
We went on two buses to see all the sights and decide what we want to do tomorrow. We went on a boat ride which was really lovely and nice. We went on the metro twice and we walked and walked and walked and walked! All in temperatures of 30+. But the sunscreen worked.

The Astronomical Clock
There was this really great clock in the center of town and when it was two o'clock, there was a skeleton pulling the bell and apostles appeared. It's the astronomical clock and it looked really difficult and fancy. I didn't really understand much of it and neither did Mara, but it was very well made.

A bit scary
We crossed the Charles Bridge (Karlovy Most) when the sun was almost setting. It was still very very busy though with lots of people taking photos and lots of little stands where you could buy things and mebobs and such. 

The Charles Bridge from the river
A lot of people were on the river in pedaloes. It was really busy, nearly as busy as on the streets. And then there were a lot of big boats as well and we were on one, enjoying the view from the river Vltava. 

Franz Kafka
And we saw Franz Kafka, or at least a statue of him. I am not sure which one he is, but if you look closely, you can see me in the sleeve. We had to be quick though, because there were a lot of people wanting to take photos and not many that wanted me in it. Go figure!!

Grand Café the Orient. It was beautiful!
Mara says, that there may be a little surprise for me tomorrow. But she is not sure yet, so she won't tell me what it is. But we will be visiting the Jewish quarter and the castle for definite, so more stories to follow!



  1. A lovely day by the sound of it. You should sleep well tonight!

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word Brom, just as well Mara made those wonderful trews for you and that, as a bear, you can go topless. Good to hear that you are proving popular - at least with everyone other than Kafka-graphers. Sight of that pastry just made me drool......... So glad you and Mara and Gera are having such a wonderfurs time~!!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. We didn't know what the pastries were: Kubiśtický věneček and Rakvička se šlehačkou didn't give us much of a clue and the translation of 'traditional little czech cake' didn't help much either! But they were yummy!

  3. Wow, you did have quite a day! And you must have brought out the best in the hoomans too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Ok, now I want to go to Prague, Brom. Looks like there are really great yummys there.

    1. There were so many there it was hard to choose! And we only tasted two! But the city is worthy of a visit regardless!


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