Thursday, 9 May 2013


Turns out that despite all the wet that fell from the sky in the past few weeks, I haven't got that many photos that look wet. Although any photo of any body of water is naturally of wetness of course. So I dug and I found and I posted!

It's a photo I took during the first rowing training we had and you can see the wetness nearly jumping off the screen. First of all the wetness coming from the water itself: the Karmsund (Sound of Karm) and then of course from the low-hanging clouds that only promise more rain and wetness. I can tell you from experience that it delivered and I was soaked at the end of our training.

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  1. No doubt ! even the water is wet !

  2. Great can definitely see the rain over the water!

  3. I don't mind getting wet. I walk in the rain a lot! But only if I can go home and get dry. Getting wet while tent camping is really not fun, because then you stay cold and wet!

  4. I think it's sort of inviting in a mysterious way. I love the "atmosphere" when it's about to rain.

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