Monday, 13 May 2013

The prodigal daughter

I used to have four cats. Wuppie, Mathilda, Sophie and Linette. Sophie was sick and I made the very difficult decision to have her put down in July 2011. And then a few months later I came back from Canada and Mathilda was sick and again the difficult decision to put her down. So, I had two cats left: Wuppie and Linette. 

I had to make another very difficult decision in October last year: take them or leave them. I chose to leave both of them in heaven (ie Pepperfly's household, which is the closest they can get to heaven). After the initial difficulties (which fortunately were virtually non-existent), they settled in nicely, enjoying the attention and the good life. 

Until only a few weeks in: Wuppie decided he would go wandering. Nobody knows where he went, but it took him all day and a lot of frantic searching and worrying. Since then he stayed close to home. 

And then there is Linette. She has always had a wandering spirit and while living with me, she had on occasion been out for three days on the trot. I could see her in the garden at times, but she refused to come in when I called. So, when she left for the day, nobody worried too much. And when she stayed out that first night: no problem. Nor were the second and third day. But when after a week, there was still no sign of her, the worry crept in. The vet was notified, as was the local pound, the not so local pound and the national chip-service (if any chipped animal is found, they can find the owner very easily, provided the address is updated of course). To no avail however. 

After three weeks we all knew it was over. She would not be back. Perhaps she had found another home, or she had been had by either animal or vehicle. It is after all farm country! 

Until Mr Pepperfly opened the door last Saturday to let out the youngster of the house. And guess who was miaowing in the garden? Exactly: Linette. It took them another day to get her in, but she is back home. Skinny as a rake, but home. 

Sleeping the sleep of the innocent


  1. And now, for at least three weeks she is NOT allowed to go out!

    (First she has to put some fat on that tiny frame of hers.)

  2. I am so glad she made it home :) I love a happy ending.....

  3. OMG ! 3 weeks ! How awful ! I experienced one week (and that was more than enough !) Arthur disappeared and after a week of searching suddenly was in the garage. Not hungry not thirsty but shocked. He didn't go out for 6 weeks and I had to go with him in the beginning. We suppose that a kid had sequestrate him without the parents knowing and after a week they let him free !

  4. Cats are weird but wonderful.

  5. Oh, I've been afraid to ask. I'm so glad she showed up. I hope Pepperfly decides to keep her indoors forever, but that probably isn't practical.
    I'd be hysterical if Lindy disappeared.
    Love, K


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