Saturday, 18 May 2013


That was the name of our team: Tidero. Tide (pronounced Teeduh) and then ro (pronounced roo, meaning row). Easy! There were seven on our team. Well, there had to be: six rowers and one yeller! I was the yeller. And I yelled.

However, first we had to get into the boat. It had been difficult at the first dock the boat had been docked at, but this dock was nearly impossible. I needed a hand getting in and one getting out. Actually the getting out wasn't that bad: they just yanked me out!

We raced against the purble boat on the top right hand side.
The other two boats had just finished their race.
Anyroad, we made our way to the startline, the gun went off and we had a bit of an issue with a buoy, through which we lost about 15 seconds I guess. But after that we got going. And going and going. We nearly caught up with the women's team we were racing, but in the end my yelling had a positive effect on them as well! Not so good. However, since they weren't in the same category as we were, it didn't matter too much. We only had to focus on the other mixed teams.

Our time was 6'23" and we thought that was quite good. Considering the buoy, the aches and pains of two and the unbuttoning of a shirt along the way! However, that time wasn't good enough to win the race. The winner clocked a time of 5'49" or something like that.

We got one of those small cups on the right
We did come in second though! So we were quite pleased with that! We got a cup (as did every other team) and a glass memento. Not bad for our first try though. Next year we will try again. If the boats haven't rotted away that is...


  1. You weren't that underdressed, what with the orange hat and that feathery thing around your nek. ;-)

  2. The feathery thing is called a boa! And it tickled and itched and was not be worn all day long!

  3. Still a very good result ! And I suppose you had a lot of fun too !

  4. Congratulations. Anyroad sounds very Yorkshirian. I like it.

  5. I think you did awesome for your first try! Love the children in your header picture.


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