Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My new home...

A house with a view
Now, even though I love living in the country, I have always lived in a town or village. I've always lived in a place with indoor plumbing. Houses made of brick and/or concrete. And then I moved...

A small house in the country side. Uninterupted views towards the sea, the occasional cruiser or ferry going past in the distance or even a plane landing or taking off. My nearest neighbours are sheep and gulls. The nearest people are over 50 meters away, meaning I can play my music as loud as I want. I have a basement which could also be described as a spiders' nursery. I have a sloping floor in the kitchen and living room, meaning my fridge is tilting backwards and my tv is tilting sideways. 

My toilet
My bedroom is big enough to hold my large bed and my side boards and once I get it up here, my dresser. But I can also lay my hand flat on the ceiling with my arm bent and my feet flat on the floor. I have a walk-in closet, but I can only walk in for about 10 centimeters before I bang my head. The small bedroom is small. I can go a bit further in before banging my head, but still. I do have plenty of closet and storage space up there though. Although it might also be a haven for spiders, I have yet to find out. 

The kitchen is big enough for me to cook food in (like pizza and apple pie) and I have a view over my own little mountain. And then there's the bathroom. A washing machine, a sink, a shower and a toilet. Sorry, I should have said: a washing machine, a sink, a shower and two toilets. Yes, two as in double as in more than one! It shouldn't be two, there should only be one and for the first week there was. 

And then... trouble. I could flush, but it wasn't going anywhere. It was clogged. I tried some chemicals: no luck. I tried some weird looking metal contraption: no luck. Well apart from scratching the bowl itself. And then when I had friends over last night (it was Eurovision night), they couldn't use the toilet and if they did, they couldn't flush. The one male used the chicken coop. And he used a little stick to unclog the toilet a bit. 

My spare mobile toilet!
So, now I have a camping toilet in my bathroom. Until Tuesday. When they will come and empty the sceptic tank. After that I have to occasionally take a looksie into said sceptic tank. To make sure I won't have to use my second toilet again...


  1. It sounded fine up until the end.

  2. I need a camping toilet for the next time we have sewer problems! Septic tanks can be a bit tricky to maintain; I've lived in a couple of houses with one. I hope you can flush later today!

  3. Sorry about that. They really should have had that emptied before you moved in. We live and learn!


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