Sunday, 26 May 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-10

It was difficult. It was hard. It was the best decision I could have taken. Because I've decided he's not coming with me to Norway. Mr Pepperfly and Peppermaggot are overjoyed! They had already been plotting several things: like changing the locks, moving, bolting the door, hiding him. In the end there was no need. I made the decision on my own. 

There are several reasons for my decision. First of all is his age. He is 15, which is older than most outside cats ever see. Second (and related to his age): do I really want to uproot him again. And to a home with no other playmates and no other humans beside me. And third: did I want to get him because I wanted to give him a better life, or just because I wanted him with me? And the answer was I wanted him with me. 

He has a great life. He has a playmate called Mickey, another called Linette and three humans who love him to bits and were not pleased about loosing him (hence the plotting against me). He can go outside and watch the bunnies. He can come inside after only 10 minutes. He gets to sleep in a bed and basically: he's happy. 

So, I will be going home again cat-less and a little sorry. But in the knowledge I have done the best thing. 


  1. I do think your making a good decision and that comes from how much you love him. At his age he will be best where he is at. Maybe one day a new little kitty will come into your life. ((HUGS)) I know it wasn't an easy decision.

  2. Oh, Mara, I know it's probably for the best, but what a hard decision! At least he'll be with people who love him and you can always visit when you go home.

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm crying. I know how much you've missed your cats, but I also know you've made the best decision, although it was very difficult.
    I'm sure Debby is right. There is probably a Norwegian cat just waiting for you to find him.
    If the Pepperflies were plotting against you, it's because they love your cats as much as you do, and can offer them a full-time family.
    Hugs from us,
    Kay and Dick and Lindy

  4. Me again. I love the picture of you and Wuppie. It comes up on my Blogger dashboard, and makes me cry. That's how much I love it. Lots and lots.

  5. It's a brave decision to make - and the best one. Now you need have no worries about introducing a new cat family:-) (in time . . . )

  6. Aw that's sweet. Well done, Mara.


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