Saturday, 4 May 2013


Getting wet is not so bad. At least not when you're in the shower, where the whole purpose is getting wet (and clean). But when you're out walking, you're not supposed to get wet. Or when you're out rowing a boat, you don't want to get soaked either. Unless you fall in, but since I am not planning on doing that...

So, protection was needed. As I said in a previous post, I had a rain suit back in the Netherlands. But when there's more rain coming through than it's stopping, it's time to chuck it out. I needed a new suit. Preferably not in Tweety yellow!

On Thursday morning, as we were shopping for a couch, Pepperfly and I also made our way to a shop that sold rain gear amongst many other things. After nearly getting a heart attack when I saw the price of the cheapest one (about 10 times more expensive than in the Netherlands), I got over it and started looking. I found a nice suit, but it only came in small. Then I found a yellow suit. Bright yellow. Tweety yellow! I tried it on. It fit. 

I got the suit. In dark grey. But I did get the yellow Tweety hat. Just because...


  1. and I thought you became a firemen (woman) lol !

  2. I think the gray was a perfect choice and also topping it off with the yellow hat for a touch of color.

  3. I am happy for two things: (i) you got a yellow hat; (ii) you did not get the complete yellow outfit.


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