Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Size very small. I still own it as well.
It will be wall decoration...
I don't often fall in love with clothes of any description. Some of the clothes I own are second hand, others were new, but never at the height of fashion when I bought them. But as I was driving through Haugesund the other day I saw a dress in the window of one particular shop. And I fell in love. It was feminine, it was red and cream and I wanted it. 

I got my sock savings out this morning and decided that I would give the dress a go. So, inbetween jobs I took the bus to the shop. The price tag was a bit higher than I expected, but that didn't matter too much. The fact that the dress was silk was a yea/nea moment as well. But the dress was still very pretty and feminine and I still wanted it. 

I didn't get it. Not because it was made of silk and not because of the price tag. Because it was too small. The sales lady showed me a few other dresses, most of which looked like coloured potato sacks to me. I left empty handed. The sock savings are going right back to where they came from!


  1. How sad, that's a shame, but it happens to me too !

  2. Sorry it didn't fit. Could she order it in a different size for you?

  3. There is another nice shop with nice dresses (no silk involved, which is much, much better) in Haugesund..isn't there? I am sorry I didn't go back there.

  4. Oh well, you didn't need that dress anyway. ;)


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