Friday, 3 May 2013

Don't rock the boat!

A few months ago I said yes to something. I didn't quite know what I said yes to, but since I say yes to most things this year, I figured I would find out in due time. Well, that due time came quite soon, since I looked it up online and found out I had said yes to being a member of a row boat racing team. Oops!

Where the Dutch have Queen's Day, in Norway they have Constitution Day, which is on May 17th and they celebrate the fact that they completed the first constitution in 1814, even if they were still ruled by another country (Sweden). Every village and town organises festivities that range from parades (all) to a row boat race right here in Haugesund. 

But before you can race in a row boat, you need to find out if you can actually move the thing forwards, or backwards for the rowers. So, last Sunday me and six of my colleagues plus my friend Pepperfly made our way to the quay and got in a row boat. And I ended up with the 'easy' job! I was to be the steerer and yeller. Of course we didn't have any nice weather like sunshine and temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius, but that didn't deter us. Even if I came without protective gear, the rest came fully prepared. 

The first thing that had to be done however, was empty the boat of water. After that we got in, settled and started rowing. Well, they did, I steered. After a tour around two small islands we returned. Wet, but happy, since we managed to row quite decently.

On Wednesday was another (wet and cold) training session and this time we lacked one rower. So, we had to take it in turns to steer and I got roped in to row as well. And depending on who is lead rower, it is not too difficult. The race will be in two and a half weeks and we are going for gold of course. Will we get it? I will keep you updated.


  1. Well done! Have you got spies watching the other crews?

  2. That's quiet an adventure ! I hope you will not loose your voice, lol !
    With all your "yes" sayings I hope you didn't say yes to a marriage proposal !

  3. Luckily it turned out to be okay. Sounds like fun. Be careful what you sign up for !!!!


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