Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The youth of today

I do understand when children don't believe me when I say I saw a catsized yellow elephant with a blue trunk. Honestly I do. And I know the idea of a tunnel beneath the sea might be stretching the imagination a bit. But when you see a car with a google camera on top and every child just takes that as fact ànd knows what it is...
That's when I start wondering about the children of today!


  1. That is amazing! They live in a different world then what we grew up in.

  2. They grow up a wee bit differently now.

  3. I was just reading your book. The funny thing is that I keep wanting to make comments.

  4. But if you show them a floppy disk or a vinyl record, they haven't a clue ;-)

  5. Do you know why an elephant wears yellow clogs?


    So you can't see him when he's floating upside down in yellow custard.

    Never seen an elephant floating in yellow custard?

    That's because of the clogs. Duh!

  6. Nothing surprises me anymore. My husband driving to the office saw an elephant on the side of the road. He was quiet surprised because besides coffee he hadn't anyother drink. The elephant wasn't pink either. There was a circus nearby and the elephant was eating grass. No wonder if there are car accidents !

  7. I've heard about those google cars, but never saw one! Too funny that those kids knew exactly what it was. I don't think Lily and Emmy would know, but probably because they are too young!


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