Sunday, 13 February 2011


There was good news and there was bad news today. The good news is: they do want me! And if I want, I could start within a few short months. The bad news is: I would have to learn Norwegian, since it would be a job in Norway!

There was more good news today: I would be able to become a permanent resident in Canada. As long as I would be a chambermaid or a waitress. The bad news? Not if I were a busdriver!

An explanation is in order here I guess. I want to move to Canada, but because of my lack of education (I only finished High School), I will not be eligible under the points system that Canada uses. The next option would be a sponsorship by one of the Canadian provinces, a so-called PNP, but only if the job I have is a job they have too many of and not enough people for. And only if I would have a guaranteed job offer. Which right now I don't have.

If I were to find a job in Canada, get the guarantee and make it across the water, it would only be temporary. A maximum of four years, after which I would have to leave for six years! At least that's what I was told today. However, if I were a waitress, I could apply for a permanent residency (PR) and once I had that, I could become a busdriver and stay for the rest of my life!

(Personally, I think that a busdriver carries just a tad more responsibility than a waitress. But that's probably only me.)

So, the question now is: would it be worth it moving to Canada for only four years. Or should I go over there, find myself some waitressing job, try for my PR and then switch to being a busdriver again. The second option wouldn't be my favourite at all, but the first one doesn't sound too appealing either. Both options would cost an awful lot of money and it would most certainly mean that my cats would stay behind.

Of course, now you are thinking: where does this Norway thing come in? Well, Norway has always been my second choice. It also boasts more space and quiet than the Netherlands, it also has well-defined seasons and even though they have adopted quite a few 'European' laws, they are not part of the EU. Getting a job there should be easy, the language isn't too hard to learn and biathlon is one of their favourite sports. Cost of living is high, but so are the wages. It's still in Europe and I could drive over there (if I had a car that is). Oh, and I could take my cats.

At this moment my head is still spinning a bit from the news I heard this morning. Next week I will phone the agent I have spoken to before and try and get a meeting with him. Perhaps he can shed some more positive light on the whole thing. Otherwise I might have to find good homes for my cats and just become a waitress again! Or not...


  1. I wish you had found out better news. I find it hard to believe that a waitress job can get you
    the PR. Doesn't make any sense to me. I hate to think that you would have to leave your cats behind. I can imagine how your head is spinning right now. Those are huge decisions to make. Take a deep breath and go with your heart.

  2. D@3n Canadians! This place is both easy and difficult to get into depending on your situation. I guess we must have a surfeit of bus drives. Who knew? Is it still confined to Alberta? Of course, you could eventually move anywhere.

  3. Oh, this doesn't sound like the road to a lot of happiness to me! Of course I do not know what the reason is that you want to leave, or what you expect to find. Isn't there any way you can try out living in either country for 6 months or so just to feel out if you're going to like it there?

    Making these sacrifices for an unknown outcome is pretty scary.

    Sorry, my two cheap cents.

  4. Oh, that's dreadful. Of course, it's very true about waitresses in Alberta. Impossible to find people here who want to be waitresses. If you were willing to live and work somewhere horrible-awful like Fort McMurray in the Great White North, you could have three jobs and work 24 hours a day - at McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King.
    Or you could wait 4 years until you have a degree in something, then find out it's the wrong something. No fun either.
    Dick is out working (yes, it's Sunday afternoon) but I'll talk to him and see if he has any brilliant ideas. Or knows anyone with a brilliant idea.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Holy cow! I'll just second what Debby said. At least you have some choices. ;)

  6. I agree with AC. The rules, here, are all over the place. Hang in there, Mara. My fingers are crossed for you.

  7. Hmm, how determined are you to leave our little country behind? And your cats? You couldn't. Could you? That determined?
    I've never been to Norway, but I know a Norwegian girl who lives here. She's determined to go back to Norway one day. She misses the space and the beautiful countryside. Norway doesn't really sound that bad.
    And think of all those handsome Scandinavian guys ;-)

  8. Why would you have to leave the cats? Money? Or quarantine? I'm sure your readers would be willing to help you out if necessary. I would.

  9. Hi, Mara! I have an award for you on my blog! :)


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