Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I didn't did I?

I used to have a lot of headaches. At first they started after I had had chocolate or coffee, but after a while the headaches were due to the withdrawel symptoms from the over the counter medication. When I started having stomach trouble, the doctor told me something I already knew: I was overdosing myself with aspirins, which caused stomach pains and more headaches than they supposedly cured.

I quit the aspirins. I quit the coffee and had less chocolate (quitting chocolate? no way) and after a few gruelling episodes where I was crying myself to sleep due to the excruciating headache, I got rid of most of them. Of course, drinking coffee (as I do on occasion) or eating too much chocolate or having one too many glasses of alcohol can still cause a headache. However, I don't take up to ten aspirins to 'cure' them anymore.

This morning I woke up with a headache. It's been a long time since that happened and I wasn't too happy about it. After all it's my day off and I don't want to be spending it with a headache. Besides I couldn't really figure out where it had come from. I haven't had coffee or chocolate, I didn't have a drink last night and I am not supposed to get my period yet, which by the way is a different type of headache.

Of course when I started writing this post on Wednesday, I realised I did have coffee. Last Sunday! And I did have a drink as well. Last Sunday! And I won't even start on the teaspoon of chocolate I had yesterday!

It's a good thing aspirins work again. More or less...


  1. Well y'know, there are several alternatives to aspirin. At least there's two: ibuprofen and acetaminophen. They're easy on the system too. You shouldn't have to suffer.

  2. Perhaps you're a little dehydrated. Water is good :-)

  3. yes like jabblog said, drink tons of water!
    tea is even better
    If you are interested let me know and i can reccommend some herbal tea remedies that might help a little

  4. A life without coffee? Oh, the humanity!

  5. Yep, water and ibuprofen. That's my remedie usually. Although I wait as long as possible before I take the ibuprofen. But sometimes you just have to.
    Hope your headache disappears real quickly.

  6. Lots of good advice up above! I hope your headache has disappeared!

  7. That seems like a long time for the headache to show up. I agree with Cry, must drink your water each day!

  8. Switch to Nurofren, that's better ! Aspirines don't help me at all ! I could swallow a whole package without any result.


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