Friday, 25 February 2011


When I was about 10 (I think), I sewed a blanket using old scraps of fabric. An old nighty, old sheets and I think even some old curtains found their way into my new blanket. It wasn't perfect in any way, but I made it.

Fast forward a few years (about 30) and the blanket is still here. It's showing definite signs of distress however, because it's being used on a near-daily basis. Not on my bed, but on the couch, where it has to deal with spilt chocolate and other stains, cats and of course myself.

So, today, after I cleared the work room (the name does not mean that I work there, it's just a name), I got out the old sewing machine I have and some old flanel pyjamas. The sewing machine was my paternal grandmother's, after the one I had before would start sewing on its own while I was in the kitchen!

Anyway, I got it out, used the test fabric (yes, I always try first) and got to work. I cut out some large squares from my Garfield pj's and pinned one to my blanket. And I started sewing. All went well, until the needle broke! Fortunately my gran had a little supply and I changed the needle. After which I could not get sewing properly again. Every time the thread would leave the needle. I was getting really frustrated and in the end I phoned my Mum.

'Did I put the needle in right?' 'Where is the broken needle?' 'Was the lower thread okay?' In the end I hung up and tried to put the needle in the other way round. After which I could sew again. I phoned my Mum back, told her she'd been right and continued sewing.

Which was even worse than before! For some reason the thread would now stay in the needle, but at the back of the blanket it looked like a complete shag carpet. I didn't want to phone my Mum again (and hear my Dad laughing in the background), so I muddled on. Fortunately I finally had it all sorted, and the blanket looks fantastic again. Now including Garfield!


  1. you sound like me when i try to sew
    i had a needle fly back and hit e once, felt good.

  2. I used to phone my grandmother about sewing problems. Usually she'd volunteer to do it for me, which really truly wasn't what I intended, because I never learned anything that way.
    I did sew a quilt once, though, when I was 21 and Mom was expecting my brother Rob.
    -- K
    PS - Won't you miss your Garfield PJs?

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. What a great idea Mara to use up unwanted garments. Every time you look at your blanket you will have all kinds of memories. A

  4. Okay, a sewing machine that sews on it's own is just creepy.

    I guess that blanket is one of the things that's coming with you to CANADAAAAAAAAAA.

    Personally, I hate sewing machines with a passion. Mainly because of the needle/thread thing and all the other problems that usually occur when I try to make something. Should say 'occured', because I've given up ;-)

  5. So glad that you were able to revamp it! You have had it a long time, what an awesome sentimental item.


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