Saturday, 12 February 2011

Emigration Fair

I am at my parents' again. Because tomorrow we are going to the emigration fair. If you've been reading this blog for a while you will know I have been to one (well three actually) before, but this year I want to hit nails with heads as we say in the Netherlands. Get the information I need and want, but also show my parents what the information is I get and need. Perhaps even talk to some people who are trying to convince unsuspecting Dutch folk to move to Farawayistan, be it Canada or Japan, Belgium or South Africa.

Of course I do know what information I need. What will it cost to take three cats with me? Where do I find a job? How do I find a place to live? What to do about my pension? A lot of wheres and hows and whats, but they all need answering and/or dealing with. People will keep finding bears in the road for me. Like my holiday money, part of which I will have to pay back. Like my funeral insurance, what to do about it. Like my cats, why part with all that money just to take some furry critters with me (obviously that last question comes from people who do not understand what a cat can mean). Like... enter your own question here.

Enniewee (as my friend Pepperfly always says, writing anyway the way we would write it: phonetically), tomorrow it's the emigration fair. I will report back tomorrow or Monday on what I learn!


  1. Good luck! Find a place with a good climate. Why not Australia or New Zealand? A bit far for parents to visit, though.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experience at the fair.

  2. I hope you get all your questions answered. Of course your babies have to go with you!

  3. Like my funeral insurance?
    is this something you have to have?
    I was just telling dave that I say a commercial the other day about how cremation is much cheaper, which it is, but when we first married I think I saw somewhere that it was around $700.00 its now around $2000.00.
    I plan on being creamated and I hope to not die soon but if I wait to long I might not be able to afford to die.giggle


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