Monday, 14 February 2011


There is a saying in Dutch: sticking a heart underneath somebody's belt. It means something like helping people out by words, or an arm around your shoulder. Basically just giving somebody a mental boost really.

Well, you have all given me a massive mental boost. All those hearts meant I had to get rid of the belt, since that didn't fit anymore. And right now I have more or less made up my mind. I will try my hardest to make my way to Canada, even if it would mean waitressing in Fort Murray (that horrible-awful place up in the North, according to Kay). I am not quite prepared to leave my cats behind though and I will try to take them with me. (Not taking them would be because of finances and nothing else)

Thank you all for your support. I feel a lot more chipper today!


  1. Well, you'd sure get a quick taste of winter in Fort McMurray which is kind of a rough, frontier town by various reports. However, once you're here, you can soon move about. Vancouver is a nice place with a climate more like what you're used to. I'm pretty sure you'd get extra immigration points for going to Fort McMurray.

  2. Call Paul Hilteman.

    He can help you see things more clearly.
    Tell him your story.
    His advise is free.
    He helped us a lot!

    Good luck & have a nice Valentines Day!

  3. I had to read back a few posts to find out what was going on. I do hope you achieve your ambition - you've waited long enough:-)

  4. It's a real pity about your cats but what an adventure you have ahead of you!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Mara!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day. I am glad you are pursuing your dream. I think it would be an awesome idea if you put up a paypal for donations to your kitty fund because you can't leave home without them. I know I would love to help!

  6. I like the Paypal idea too. Why don't you put it on the side bar?

  7. Im just not sure what to say mara
    Maybe you can look into moving to America?
    I just want you,to be happy

  8. That's good.
    Leaving your furry friends though... :-(
    Unless you can be absolutely sure they have a good new home here. If we didn't have all those fourleggers already I'd take them in, but sadly that's not an option.

    I'm picturing Fort McMurray being like that town (Cicely) in Nothern Exposure. (That series about a doctor who goes to Alaska. Ever seen it?) He didn't want to go there, but Cicely turned out to be not that bad after all ;-)

  9. What a funny expression ! I just figure Maneken Piss with a heart under his belt if he wears one, lol !

  10. Oh, I read your award post first and should have read this first! I'm glad tagging you with the award was a heart under your belt. :)


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