Saturday, 19 February 2011

Well again...

As you know I was extremely disappointed last week after visiting the emigration fair. Some really bad news made me reconsider my wishes. However, I did have one more option up my sleeve. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to go to an information meeting organised by this option, since it was busy at work and I would have to work. Ha!

It was so busy at work, only two people worked and I wasn't one of them! So, I could go to the information meeting. I had been to one before, organised by the same organisation, but the information had slipped down a bit again (you tend to forget the more negative sides), so it wasn't bad to listen to it again. The result?

As a busdriver I will not be able to stay in Canada. Like the lady said last week. However (yes, there is one), if I were to shift my focus partly to the hospitality side of my work (tourguide), there is a way bigger chance of staying. Besides, you never know what the future may bring and rules can change along with the jobmarket. Which basically means: all is not lost.

After the information I decided to take the English test. Henk doesn't want to do business with me if my English isn't up to scratch. Which I can totally understand, after all, if I am not able to understand anything my new employer will tell me, or when I don't know what I have to fill out, it just won't work. It was a three part test: first a hearing test with five questions that took 10 minutes. Then a reading test with five questions that also took 10 minutes. And last a general test with 100 multiple choice questions for which they gave you 40 minutes. Questions along the line of: Peter is taller ... Jenny. a. then b. than c. as d. if. I was done in ten minutes and don't expect to have scored lower than 98 (there were two questions I wondered about).

Once Henk has decided my English is good enough, I can do an intake interview, which will be taped and sent to any prospective employers. When one (or more) employers think I might be a good addition to their company, there will be an interview (Skype) and if both parties agree, the paperwork starts. The company will need a LMO (Labour Market Opinion): can they really not find a Canadian for that job? Once they have that, it's my turn for the paperwork: diploma's, references and whatever else. Then I have to go to the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, get my temporary work permit, book a flight for me and my monsters and off I go! In a nutshell...

Exciting times are ahead of me. I am selling my stuff through my blog and e-Bay, trying to meet friends and family on a semi-regular basis and hoping that everything will go according to plan. Exciting times!


  1. Good news Mara! We're pulling for you.

  2. That's really exciting, Mara. I'm glad there's another possibility for you. I did get a kick out of you explaining -- in perfect English -- how you will get tested to see if you're English is good enough. No worries, I'm sure! So good luck.

    Will you be keeping up your blog once you've flown the coop?

  3. Obviously my English is not up to par writing "you're English" instead of "your English." (Ik kreeg eens een 3 voor Engels in de 3rd klas van de middelbare school ;) Don't tell anybody.

  4. @Liz: Thank you!

    @Miss Footloose: new coop, new chickens, new everything. I will have to make sense of it somehow and there is no better way than blogging about it! En die 3 blijft ons geheim.

  5. OH, wow, Mara. I hope you're not on your way to Canada before we get together in Amsterdam next month. LOL
    But, if you are, we will be very happy for you, and will see you somewhere here.
    Luv, K
    PS - a tourguide who can also drive the bus in an emergency has a major advantage over one who can't, in my humble opinion.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Im excited for you sweetie

  7. I can't wait til we get you on this side of the pond! Keeping my fingers crossed...

  8. I think passing that English test with flying colours will be a sure thing.

  9. Well, if your English isn't up to scratch, who's is (did I spell that correctly?)

    Exciting news. Even I'm thrilled ;-)


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