Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I received another award the other day, given to me by Ginnie Marie, for which I thank her. Another one of those hearts under my belt I can tell you!

However, seven more things to share with you that you didn't already know? That is quite hard, since I have a feeling you know most everything about me anyway! Plus there's always things that I don't want you to know, like my pin number! But I will give it a go.

1. Even with selling a lot of them off (I hope), I still have four large moving boxes full of dvd's. Which means about 450 films and series seasons! Perhaps I should go through them again, but most of them are Christmas and children's dvd's to start with and I will not get rid of those!

2. Some of the films are just for sentimental reasons though and some are just downright wrong! The worst probably being 'My chauffeur'. Bad acting, bad dress sense, typical early eighties film. Look it up and feel sorry for my taste in films!

3. I tried smoking twice. The first time I was drunk (shock, horror, yes really) and put the burning end in my mouth: not a good move. The second time I was sober, but about to get drunk once the taste really hit my palate! Like licking out an ashtray...

4. And before you ask how I would know: I know, I have done it. Perhaps not lick one out exactly, but I did eat an ashtray load of cigarette butts, before throwing them all up again. I must have been about three and the person looking after me was busy playing cards with the other males in the family.

5. I was in severe financial trouble a few years ago, where I would spend more than I would earn. Which meant a massive debt of course. Then when I realised I wanted to move, I also realised that debt would hold me back severely and I worked my derrière off to get rid of it.

6. Well, of course my derrière is still here and it will probably stay here as well. Especially since I finally cancelled my subscription to the local gym. I attended for two months and paid for nearly three years. Showing that my financial sense still leaves a lot to be desired!

7. My favourite colour is blue. Unless it's carnations and then it's dark red. And cars should be bright pink. And any Dutch team should wear orange. Perhaps I shouldn't talk about my favourite colour any further!


  1. Those gym memberships. Been there done that. We all have good intentions, but ...

  2. Oh, you're so funny! Your list made me laugh, and cringe (eating cigarette butts, ugh).
    I agree with AC - most of us have had gym or exercise club memberships we seldom if ever used. Mine was in 1967, the start of a lifetime of poor financial management highlighted by buying things I didn't need or use.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Yep, me too. Been there, done that. The gym membership I mean. I'd have never guessed your favourite colour, or one of them, is blue.
    I'd have guessed yellow ;-)

  4. this post was funny

  5. Of course I bought an orange pajama for 3 months old Toby so that he has to wear something for your Queen's day !
    I got the award too, but also thought people know enough from me, for example that I like cats !

  6. I was drunk the first time I smoked a cigarette...that explains why I don't smoke! :)

  7. Congratulations! That is a lot of videos. Eww on the ashtray :(
    Funny how your favorite color is blue but you have lots of things you don't want to be blue!!!


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