Sunday, 6 February 2011

I don't get it!

Good food, good company, good jokes all make for a good night. So, last night was a great night, since the chef was ill according to the guy who served us and we had to cook our own food, the company consisted of my colleagues and their partners and the jokes I didn't get!

Seriously though. We went to do something that in the Netherlands is called 'gourmetting' (see top photo). We were all given a little frying pan and could choose between several different types of meat to fry. There were fries (we have to have fries, it's very important to have fries) and sauces and drink flowed freely. I got all jokes apart from one and I can't even tell you, since it won't make sense to you.

After dinner we went bowling and my first hit was atrocious. I picked up though and finally ended with a 105 score. I was so happy: I was the best woman. Until the wife of one of my colleagues ended up with 124 being the best of all, including the men! It was great fun though.

We always end our outings fairly early. No point in hanging around, getting absolutely drunk and annoying everybody else. We stop at the high point. Pleasantly sozzled and well fed.


  1. My goodness, it's been ages since I bowled. It can be fun though.

  2. I love these self cooking meals ! It's so much fun ! I often serve a "Pirade" so Marieken (who is vegetarian, but not a crazy one) can melt her cheese and fry her fish, while we do the same with meet. The only thing I have to prepare is the salad and backed potatoes !

  3. Haha, that night out sums up almost everything I don't like. Gourmetten: not my thing
    Bowling: absolute HATE it with a passion
    Colleagues and their other halves: I didn't like socializing with them, liked them in the workplace, but that was enough for me (not working anymore, so yippee)
    Only the fries I like. And I thoroughly agree with you; it's very important to have fries ;-)

    But I'm glad you enjoyed it and hooray on your bowling results.

  4. I don't think I would want to cook my own meat but it sounds like a great meal. know I love to bowl. So glad you had fun!

  5. I go out so that I don't have to cook . . .
    Glad you had a good time though.

  6. What was in your cooking pan and whats your fav beer?
    I love beer

  7. Sounds like a good time was had by all...which is almost as important as the fries.

  8. You know I'm all about the fries! :)

    I just went bowling not as good as you, though. My high score was 74! Ed was happy...his high score was 156.

  9. What fun this looks like! Both the meal and the bowling.
    I'm a friend of Gattina's. Just so you know!

  10. Food, fun, friends - and bowling. I'd probably put my back out, but it does look like fun. I think the last time I bowled was in the 80s - the 1980s, not my score, which was probably less than that.
    -- K


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