Monday, 28 September 2009

Would, could, should

During the small emigration fair last weekend, I didn't just get a workshop about the practical side, but also the personal side. And one of the things I learned was that I had told friends and family my plans early. Waaaaay too early. I should have only told people about my plans when I was ready to register with an agency or about to send in the paperwork.

That's what I should have done. But I am planning to go for a certain type of visa: a temporary work visa. Which means that from applying to receiving (hopefully) it will take me from 2 to 5 months. Of course I didn't originally plan that, but that's the plan now. So, a few questions then. Would my family and friends have liked me telling them about a done and dusted deal or would they rather have known about it a bit longer, just so they could have gotten to terms with it.

Furthermore: could I have kept my mouth shut for all that time? Knowing me: absolutely not! It would have been almost impossible for me to keep that a secret for over three years. So, was I right to tell them this early? Probably not. I probably should have waited a bit longer, if only until I was debt free (early this year).

When would you have liked to know?


  1. I think you did the right thing. Ok so things changed a little but still better to know and share the entire process

  2. If you are expressing a desire to do something, I don't think it matters when you tell someone, especially family. People should realize that it takes times for things to come about.
    Sunny :)

  3. I'm sure that Dad won't be pleased, but the world is much smaller now than it used to be. I just travelled thousands of miles in six hours, and that was with a plane change.

  4. Why worry your going to do it and i think anyone who knows you will accept that fact wether its today or tommorow its going to happen !!!


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