Saturday, 26 September 2009


Well, after forking out a stupid amount of money for a taxi, I made it on time. After my cup of tea I went into the workshop/meeting to learn new things about the procedure to emigrate. I knew most of it anyway, but they seem to change it every so often, so you never know!

After that workshop there was another one dealing with the people who stay behind. How do they feel, what do they think and how to deal with that. Sceptisism, disbelief, anger, pride and all feelings inbetween. Well, I have to admit, I have dealt and will have to deal with especially the first three emotions. My father in particular doesn't really belief I will ever leave and whether that's because he doesn't want me to or that he really doesn't think I will ever leave I don't know. Fact is, I have to deal with it and so does he.

After the workshops had ended, I talked for about half an hour with fellow wannabes. One man who is waiting for his medical call-up, one woman who is waiting for her medical result and a couple who are still at the very beginning like me. Their feelings and experiences match mine. They go through the same emotions, have to deal with the same feelings and problems and they shared it with the rest of us. Like the man said: "I don't talk to my friends about it, because they will start to distance themselves from me immediately! If the process then takes me over two years, I will be virtually friendless." I guess I have to be a very lucky person not to have friends like that!

What else did the day bring me? The knowledge that if I have doubts it's not something to worry about; it's completely normal. It's only if the doubts stay (or like the host said: if you keep seeing bears in the road), that you should start to worry and perhaps call the whole thing off! I will have to make my feelings more known and I have to listen to (and accept) other people's feelings, especially from my family and friends. But most importantly: listen to myself and do what I think is right!


  1. I support you. A new holiday address ;).

  2. I don't know how you make a decision like that. What will you gain by doing it?

  3. Never mind, I'll read this post and then I'll know ;-)

  4. But...if you keep seeing bears on the road, you surely must be in Canada already.

    Anyhoo, I believe you will go to Canada. And if you do, please visit Jewels from You will like her I think. Check out her blog, she is hilarious.

    Good luck with realising your dreams. I'll keep following you to see if they will come true.


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