Friday, 25 September 2009

Off to Canada (I wish)

A few weeks ago I registered for a meeting about emigration to Canada. And this week I got the details. As soon as I got the details I got in a panic!

If I were to take a bus, a train, another train and another bus, it would take me nearly four hours to get there: I would arrive waaaaaaaaay late! So, I had to think of something else. Fortunately my parents don't need their car this weekend and I can borrow it. Tonight I spent half an hour trying to find the best route to get to the car (it's parked 45 km or 30 miles away). Taking the first possible bus, then a train and then another bus (or a taxi perhaps), I still have over an hour to drive. Which means, that I won't be waaaaaaay late, but I will still be pushing it. So, right now I'm wondering whether it will be worth it.

Part of me says no and then another part of me screams YES! I might learn something new. I will meet other wannabe emigrants (for the first time ever).

I will go (despite having cancelled). I've decided. Now I just need to get warm again and go to bed...


  1. So are going for visit or do you want to live there?

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  3. Is that the only place you can get the information you need? Is it available on line?
    If you decide to go, have a safe trip.
    Sunny :)

  4. Decision time then Mara - it will be interesting to see what happened next!

    Thank you for nominating me for an award, much appreciated. I will come over to collect and deal as soon as I can. A x

  5. Hm, the efficiency of modern public transport... Hope you find some kindred spirits there. One tiny step closer to one of your goals. Good luck!

  6. Quite often, if you have thought about it a lot, it's better to go, otherwise it may be quite difficult later to live with 'what if I went?" later.

  7. I have another award for you.
    I'm trying to get you more followers because I think your
    wonderful to read.


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