Wednesday, 9 September 2009

H is for...

Hands across the Divide

This statue can be found in Londonderry or Derry in Northern Ireland. Me and my sister were there last year and found the town to be lovely. Not at all like it must have been when the Troubles were at their height (Bloody Sunday took place in this town).

There was however still quite a strong protestant/catholic thing going on. The catholic neighbourhood was quite a densely packed area, whereas the protestant neighbourhood was a lot more open. There were also red white and blue curbstones and lampposts.

This statue represents the two peoples: Catholic (Irish) on one side and Protestant (English/British) on the other side. The hands are not touching, but if in future the situation becomes better and they are finally able to bury the hatchett and deal with each other as human beings instead of "them" and "us", there is the possibility to move the two figures closer together and have them touch hands.

For now however, this is the best they can do it seems.

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  1. It's rather a nice idea, isn't it? I've never been to Ireland, so haven't seen that statue, but I think I'd like to!

    It would be nice to think the statues would be touching hands one day.

  2. Terrific post to go with a great capture of the statue! And, yes, it would be great to think that one day they would be touching hands!



  3. The Troubles lasted so long and were SO virulent that I'm surprised by the relative peace in recent years. Yes, we've got to bridge that gap between us.

  4. Thank you for that interesting information. Great shot! Here's hoping that some day they will touch!
    My ABC & Watery Wednesday

  5. Let's hope they touch hands soon!

  6. Interesting statue. At least they're reaching toward each other...

  7. Fascinating idea. The statue shows there is hope still burning. They are almost there.

  8. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the two groups could get along? My great uncle participated in that sad upheaval. He didn't like to talk about it, though, and emigrated to Boston to get away from all that hatred.

  9. Thank you for this photograph.
    This is a hopeful sculpture. Someday the hands will touch!

  10. Sadly there are lots of countries where they could place a similar statue. It certainly would be nice if these hands would touch each other one day.

  11. I hope that this sculpture will remind people how important it is to make peace with others, shake hands and be friends again.


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