Thursday, 23 May 2013


Last Friday was the national holiday here in Norway. The day they celebrate the first constitution written for Norway back in the early 19th century. And where other countries celebrate in jeans and t-shirts, over here they do it in their finest. And a bit of rain? That won't stop them one bit!

The photos show the high street of Haugesund. Normally filled with shoppers. And on May 17th it was heaving! I had never so many people there before. The rain didn't stop them, umbrellas and rain gear galore. But then the heavens opened for real and most tried to get undercover. And for a moment the street looked like it normally does on a good dry day. As soon as the rain slacked off again, folk came back though and it was a massive throng of people again. 

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  1. I'm not a fan of rain on important days! Sounds like they seem to be prepared for days like that. Glad it finally stopped.

  2. When we were out in Vancouver some years back, we saw that people just took their umbrellas and went out in the rain. I guess you have to if it rains a lot, just like we often go out in the cold because the winter is long, and we can't avoid it.


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