Friday, 31 May 2013

The Goat

Yet to do...
I live in a house in the Norwegian countryside. Beautifully located, with views over fields and the sea. But I also have a garden. A big garden. Now, you may remember that when I lived in the Netherlands, I also had a garden. A small garden. Which was too much for me! Well, that's not really true, it was plenty small enough, it was just that I don't like gardening. 

So, when I told people about my new house with the big garden, for some reason everybody told me to get a goat. Not a sheep (although cutting the fence was mentioned once or twice), not a cow, a goat! In Norway I have a colleague who thought it was the perfect solution. In the Netherlands an old colleague came up with the same idea. Then my mother (who should know better by the way) and a friend. All with the same idea: a goat!

Goats bleat (I think, they might make a different noise). They eat everything, including the stuff you don't want eaten, like sprouts and strawberries (which by the way I don't grow). They poop. They climb stuff which means I have to goat proof the whole area. I DON'T WANT A GOAT!!

Done (well, the strimming part anyway)
I bought a lawn mower instead. And a strimmer as well (for the mountain). But the grass is so high, I need to strim the lawn first and get it down to a lawnmowable lenght first. I've done one third right now. It took me nearly three hours and my hands and arms are aching. 

I am reconsidering not wanting a goat!!

(PS: I don't know why goats make me think of Ginny Marie. Perhaps she can shed some light?)


  1. Ha! It's because Ed wants a goat for our yard! (I said no! No goat!)

  2. I won't say I told you so. ;-)

  3. I'd love a goat:-) However, goats eat everything, including the washing from the line . . . I think the strimmer and the lawnmower are a better bet - and the exercise will do wonders for your muscle tone . . .

  4. LOL
    And the debate rages on!
    Did you get a ride-on lawnmower? Probably not. Well, then, Janice is right, the exercise will do wonders for your muscle tone.
    I just hope you use the lawnmower. When we bought this house, we bought a lawnmower, and Dick said the exercise would be good for him. The lawnmower is now 12 years old and has been used three time. It probably has gas in it, although it may have evaporated. And we pay someone to cut and mow and trim the yard.
    I think a goat would have been fun. A nanny, not a billy, although we could rent a billy once a year, so the nanny could have kids.
    Lindy could herd them.
    Luv, K

  5. Are there no farmers who will put a goat there for a few days?

  6. Once you get it under control you will enjoy your yard work. Think of it as exercise!

  7. One goat would be too lonely, take a couple and let them do a whole herd, what about that ?


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