Monday, 27 May 2013

Food, glorious food!

Having grown up in the Netherlands with Dutch food all around me, it's very strange to move to a different country and finding out that they don't have the same types of food there! Yes, I can find potatoes and salad and stuff, but other food may be a bit more difficult to find. If not impossible. 

Kroketten with a little mustard on white bread. Mmmmm
So, my first port of call on Friday was a snack-bar as we call them. Nothing to do with a bar, everything to do with snacks. The fried version that is. Like fries and frikandellen (see photos on Saturday). Yum! On Saturday my sister and I went shopping. She needed something, I needed something, so we had decided to hit the town. But we did need some fortification before we would strike out and we ended up in a small lunch-room. Basically a small restaurant where they do lunch service only. There were only a few choices for us of course and in the end we both settled on 'kroketten op brood'. 

Then yesterday we had our family day, great fun, good laughs, some cheating and of course food. Like soup and rolls for lunch. Like the 'oranjekoek' (orange cake that is not orange) with our morning coffee. Like the salt sticks and crisps and nuts with our pre-lunch drinks. 

And a yummy desert at the Greek restaurant
I still have today and tomorrow to get my fix of Dutch food. And in my suitcase will be quite a collection of Dutch goodies as well. Like stroopwafels and custard powder. The shopping list for my parents is getting longer and longer by the minute as well; they will be visiting in June and will arrive by car! Plenty of space...


  1. I never thought of that because the two countries are so close. Different location and history though.

  2. I would love to try those treats.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and all the goodies too!

  3. How do you get from Holland to Norway by car? You must take a ferry I suppose. That would be a fascinating journey. Over here we have British Food shops where we can get many of the things that we loved as kids in England -- especially the chocolates, golden syrup and...ah, Bisto!


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